The 3 Best Qualifications for Aspiring Sports Coaches



Coaching is identified as a key element of the high-performance system within the UK. In addition to other key areas such as sports science and performance lifestyle, sports coaching plays an integral role in the development of people’s health and wellness. Coaching is more than just sports related, it’s also about the people and encouraging individuals to become more active. It provides a wide range of benefits that positively effect physical and mental wellbeing.

There has never been a more important time to uplift communities through keeping active. Mixed with an already increasing rate of obesity in the UK and England, it is integral that sports coaches provide people with the support to better improve their physical and mental health.

Read further to learn more about the training opportunities we provide at TWP for aspiring sports coaches and discover how you can make a positive change to peoples mental and physical wellbeing through physical and sport related activities.


  1. Transcend Level 2 Award in Leading Inclusive Physical Activities

As previously discussed, as an aspiring physical activities coach, your motivation will be to have a positive impact on the lifestyles of clients through sport and physical activity with the motivation of improving physical and mental wellbeing. In order to carry out this duty to the highest standard you will need a coaching qualification that is well-recognised by your potential future place of employment.

The Transcend Level 2 Award in Leading Inclusive Physical Activities (or LIPA as we like to call it) is perfect for young aspiring sports coaches who want to gain access to a voluntary or paid role in a school, community or commercial leisure environment. It gives learners the chance to develop competency in relevant industry skills and safety before being deployed into a role that requires an industry standard coaching qualification.

This pathway is recommended for learners that are in high school, college or university who have an aspiration to deliver physical activity-based sessions for their peers under the supervision of an adult. The qualification equips learners with the ability to drive engagement through physical activities that are inclusive and meet the deployment expectations when leading through delivering a specific sport or physical activity. Successful completion of this pathway greatly increases the chances of kickstarting a career as a coach, teacher or instructor in sports and physical activity.

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  1. 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education in Primary Schools

Similarly to the LIPA, the 1st4sport Level 3 qualification helps equip individuals with the necessary skills to deliver sports and physical education sessions under employment. However, in contrast, it focuses on delivery of such activities in a primary school setting, predominantly working with young children. The qualification is perfect for those who already work or have aspirations to work in primary schools delivering physical education and enables learners to gain a greater understanding of each physical activity, the national curriculum and the working environment they will be operating within.

If your aspiration is to deliver sports and physical activities to an audience of young children, then this qualification is perfect for you. Completion of this pathway provides an introduction to opportunities for you to work as a sports development officer, sports coach, volunteer or leader. It also presents the opportunity to make other career decisions as this qualification can aid learners towards landing a role as a teaching assistant or a higher-level teaching assistant. The qualification assessment has been mapped against the professional standards used for teaching assistants and can be used further to provide evidence for completion of other teaching related qualifications.

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  1. Transcend Level 2 Award for Holiday Camp Activity Coaches in Multi Sports

Very much like the other two qualifications previously mentioned, the Transcend Level 2 Award for Holiday Camp Activity Coaches in Multi Sports looks to develop the learner’s ability to work with young children but engage with them through multi-sport sessions in a holiday club environment. This is a great qualification for someone who aspires to gain employment in a holiday club and establish themselves as a sports coach that has expertise in a wide variation of sport related activities.

Holiday clubs are a safe environment for children to socialise and have fun through multi-sport activities that benefit their mental and physical health. They are a great way for children to build their confidence, develop new skills and enjoy being active. As a multi-sports coach at a holiday club, you are expected to carry out duties that encourage fun through delivering engaging activities, making sure children are able to take part safely. Expertise in a variety of sports will help to drive engagement and meet the deployment expectations of your employer, making sure high expectations are met and parents are kept pleased with their little ones physical and mental progression. This can be seen as a challenging prospect, but completion of this qualification will prepare you with all the relevant skills required to successfully establish yourself as a multi-sports coach in a holiday club environment.

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If you would like to discuss your options for training to get you started on the road to a careers in sports coaching and activity delivery, please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion.