6 Ways E-learning Can Improve Your Mental Health in 2021

6 Ways E-learning Can Improve Your Mental Health in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has had an immense impact on the mental health of young people and adults in 2020.

The impact on learning has been just as dramatic.

Educational establishments and training providers have been forced to adapt to a more remote form of delivery so that learners can still learn, and teachers can still teach.

But can e-learning have a positive effect on the mental health of the nation? Here are 6 ways we think it can…


  1. Lockdown schmockdown

Don’t let lockdown leave you feeling helpless, useless, and as if you’re stuck in an unknown period of stagnation.

Online learning can help spruce up your CV with new knowledge, new skills, and new awareness. You might choose to study something related to your current profession, or you may wish to branch out and try a totally new subject. Whatever you decide to study, your future self will thank you. There is no such thing as wasted study. We should never stop learning.

If you are keen to learn something new but experience social anxiety, the thought of studying in a room full of strangers might leave your nervous disposition in tatters. Online learning eliminates that factor and allows you to learn in the comfort of you own home.

Depending on the course you choose, you may not even have to make contact with another human being at all!


  1. Reduced stress

With online learning, you are often able to learn at your own pace. If you’re an early bird, you can fit in some study before your regular daily routine kicks in. More of a night owl? No problem! With online learning tools being accessible 24/7, you can study after dark without any issue.

With the rigorous demands of some study schedules or class timetables eliminated, your stress levels should reduce, having a positive effect on your mental health.


  1. Self-motivation

Being in charge of your own destiny can be incredibly empowering. If you stay on track, take responsibility for your schedule and successfully complete your e-learning course, you will likely have only yourself to thank! Step up to the plate and take charge of your future. Be proud to learn something new.


  1. Less competition

While some can find peer-to-peer competition invigorating and motivating, others can find it incredibly intimidating and fear-inducing. Be your own competition instead with e-learning and challenge yourself to do better every day. If you studied for half an hour yesterday, do 45 mins today. Only completed one module last week? Strive to complete two modules the week after.


  1. Less stress on your wallet

With online learning, you generally pay for the course and that’s it. No hidden charges. No extra costs from travelling to and from your place of study. No expensive study books to assist your in-class lectures. This enables you to budget accordingly and not worry about whether your finances will take any extra hits along the way.



We may not be able to do much about Boris Johnson’s next move to combat Covid, but we can take steps to improve the quality of our mental health.

Collectively, these six reasons can have an incredibly positive effect on your mental health and your outlook on life.

As we approach the new year, why not take a positive step towards better mental health and enrol on an e-learning course today. We’re here to support you as little, or as much, as you need it.