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As it’s #NationalApprenticeshipWeek we’ve spoken with a number of people across the Premier network to find out more about Apprenticeships with Premier. We’ve got some great feedback from several apprentices, an Area Director who recruits apprentices annually and our coordinating partner at CreativeSportLeisure. Find out what they all had to say about their experiences…

Dave Smith, Head of Training (North) from CSL said “Apprenticeships are the programme of study for an increasing number of learners and employers.

Learners have the opportunity to earn whilst they learn, including up to higher education levels, without having to take on the debt associated with traditional university education. Learning is also far more vocational than simply a classroom setting, with the knowledge that they will have achieved the competency required to actually do the job, rather than gaining a much more general academic certificate.

Employers are able to develop and train staff to the actual requirements of their business. They are able to have significant input into course content (particularly with new Standards) and know that with independent third-party End Point Assessment, the learner has fully proven their competency.

As Apprenticeships are an absolute focus for Government, there are and will be, an increasing number of incentives to employers to take on Apprentices, including financially.”

So if Apprenticeships are a key future employability component, what are the benefits the Premier network are receiving now? “Apprenticeship packages with TWP/CSL ensure that support for franchises, and training for learners, is both maximised and entirely fit for purpose. It can also be made bespoke where necessary e.g. in counties such as Hampshire and Lancashire where particular schools’ legislation is in place. The key to all provision made by TWP/CSL is investment in staff and progression. Apprenticeships moulded into a clear progression framework as has been demonstrated here, absolutely meets this overall goal.”

Now to get some insight into how our Apprentices in the network find their experiences and their benefits of their on-the-job learning. We spoke to Charlie and Nathan, two apprentices with TrainWithPremier and Premier Education Group.


Charlie Walshe – Train With Premier – Apprentice

How long have you been an apprentice with TWP?

  • Since October 16 so nearly a year and a half

What made you choose an apprenticeship over full-time work/University etc?

  • I was planning on university however I was more eager to get into work and gain some experience, while still gaining qualifications.

What are the benefits of being an apprentice?

  • You get to learn while you earn and gain valuable work experience that university doesn’t offer – many employers are after experience.

Where do you see your career going from your apprenticeship?

  • Currently, I’d like to develop more within TrainWithPremier and maybe take a role with more responsibility. There are many progression routes in TrainWithPremier, for example joining our tutor workforce.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship and why?

  • I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anyone purely on the basis of getting valuable work experience while you learn – you kill two birds with one stone.


Nathan Gerrard – Premier Education Group – Apprentice

How long have you been an apprentice with Premier?

  • For about 6 months now

What made you choose an apprenticeship over full-time work/University etc?

  • I chose an apprenticeship over full time work and university because you are learning through actually physically doing it yourself which for me, is a lot better than sitting at a computer all day.

What are the benefits of being an apprentice?

  • The benefits of being an apprentice is that you gain experience while completing work.

Where do you see your career going from your apprenticeship?

  • In my career, I see myself hopefully moving on to full time work with the company teaching curricular subjects.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship and why?

  • I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as you gain a lot more understanding through experience, rather than constantly writing or typing in uni plus you gain qualifications you never ever thought you would!

We also wanted to hear from an employer of apprentices; Andy Mellors explains why he recruits and the benefits they can bring to businesses.


Andrew Mellors – Area Director for Premier Derby – Employer

How many apprenticeships do you have?

  • We have around 16

How many apprentices have been successful and now fully employed?

  • We have 12 in our team

Why do you hire apprentices?

  • Get them fully qualified whilst working on the job
  • They come with an open mind ready to get stuck into a job which they will enjoy
  • Some of our best employees have come through the apprenticeship scheme
  • Cost effective

What are the benefits of an apprentice for an employer?         

  • Get them fully onboard with what we do and fully committed to us
  • Blank canvas for us to train up, give experience to and an opportunity then hopefully become full time
  • Cost effective
  • Fully trained and fit to deploy into schools


If you’re interested in earning while you learn and gaining an Apprenticeship within the Premier Education Group and/or Train With Premier, you can find out more about them by visiting our careers pages here: