Training Your Staff for Drama

Do your staff need further training in Drama?

Would your staff benefit from additional training to help them deliver drama? Understand how to develop your pupils using Drama activities and improve your planning skills specific to drama with a Level 1 Drama Activator.

This short course allows your staff to facilitate extra curricular activities, incorporate drama themes to curricular study and enhance community programmes. Drama activators are an excellent base to start your drama career and develop and become qualified to support children’s successful participation. This particular activator develops your knowledge of drama within an education setting, and gives you transferable skills that can be applied across a range of curricular activities.

The six hour course will help you design, deliver and adapt drama for a range of ages and disciplines to encouraged engagement and participation. Make a positive impact on children and help them to develop confidence, performance skills, team work and communication skills with enjoyable engaging drama activities.

Originally designed for Premier Education Group and Premier Arts, this course calls upon a wealth of experience to make sure you can utilise drama activities and progress your career. The includes elements to ensure duty of care and safe and equitable practice in the organisation and facilitation of active leisure activity sessions.

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