Highlighting the Benefits of CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a concept that should be important to all of us. CPD allows us to show a commitment to our work, our career, and to providing the best service possible.

There are many ways that you can start your CPD, from webinars to training courses and online learning. If you value your work, and are looking to progress your career, then CPD is something that you should carry out.

That answers the question as to what CPD is, now let’s go over why it is ideal for you – both professionally, and personally:


  1. CPD can help you to gain a greater understanding of your role, and what it means to be a professional in your sector.

Carrying out effective CPD can help you to clarify the answer to some hard questions relating to your work.

By taking part in training, you have the opportunity to delve more into the fundamentals of why you do the work that you do. The insight that you gain from CPD helps you to understand the impact your work has on individuals, both inside and outside of your organisation.

This can lead to a better appreciation of your role, and your work, which in turn leads to a higher job satisfaction and workplace happiness.


  1. You can develop and update existing skills, and learn new ones.

The clue is in the name: continuous professional development. Through CPD, you can grow your knowledge base and skills, and develop yourself as a professional – allowing you to maintain a high level of quality in your work. Your enhanced skills then enable you to deliver a better service to your customers, the community, and your team.

CPD also introduces you to new ideas, theories, and trends. By engaging in effective training, you can stay on the cutting edge of your profession – ensuring that you stand out to your employer as an important part of the team.


  1. It opens new opportunities for your career.

As mentioned above, CPD allows you to stand out to employers, and stay on the forefront of your profession. This can often open the door to new opportunities to progress your career, whether it be within your current organisation, or another.

Learning new skills can give you the chance to take on more responsibility within your workplace, which is especially helpful for those that feel as if they are stuck with the same tasks day after day. As you take part in CPD, you will start to notice new opportunities and ways to succeed, and your continued development will make them easier to grasp.

Having proof of your commitment to learning within your profession adds to your employability, and can be another outstanding feature of your CV.


  1. You can improve the chances of higher earnings/promotion.

Demonstrating your abilities through CPD progression can be very beneficial to your career. Whilst your new skills will help you to deliver a better service to customers/clients, and your team members, they can also lead to a pay rise or promotion from your employer.

CPD can help you to stand out to employers as someone with desirable skills, and therefore someone that is deserving of more responsibility. Taking on more responsibilities often coincides with a jump in your earnings, whether that be with a pay rise, or a promotion.


  1. It enhances your public confidence.

Carrying out CPD is beneficial to more than just your working life. It can also help you in feeling a greater sense of achievement and purpose – and gives you the opportunity to showcase your new skills and qualifications to friends and family.

Being able to show that you have skill in your profession can lead to a greater satisfaction of life as a whole. CPD allows you to become confident, skilled, and self-assured in your abilities.


In summary

Careers can fluctuate. In any profession, there will always be times where you struggle, and times in which you flourish. CPD can help to tip the scales in favour of flourishing, and help you towards a happier working life.

While continuous professional development is sometimes required within certain industries, it is also a personal responsibility that can help you towards career advancements and additional benefits. CPD should also be fun and engaging – it should be something that you want to undertake, not something that you do begrudgingly.

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