TWP TV Trio Learning Series

As part of our continued efforts to #comebackstronger after Covid-19, we would like to share with you a Trio Series of online learning videos.


This series looks at:

  • Mindset and culture within your company
  • Key lessons, working structures and the journey of a CEO
  • Application, execution and models to follow


Session 1 – Andy Heald, Director of Quality and Education at Train With Premier, looks at creating a positive mindset and culture within your company, including the benefits of applying the LAGOM schedule of working, as well as turning crisis into opportunity.

Turning crisis into opportunity

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Session 2 – David Batch, CEO of Premier Education Group focuses on key lessons and structures he has learnt throughout his career, from coach to CEO, followed by the practical aspects of applying them. David is a key advocate of the LAGOM system of working and its benefits. You can access a simple LAGOM schedule here!

a CEO's journey

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Session 3 – Danny Melling, Operations Manager for Premier Education, drills into application, execution and models for putting things in place and driving personal and company culture through planning and KPIS.

company culture

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